Granny Chic Decor

Granny Chic Decor

Add A Little Vintage Chic To Your Decor

granny chic pillows Granny Chic decor is a rather new trend in interior design. The style uses elements from generations past to create a look of charm just like Grandma used to. Placing vintage, antique, thrift store, and handmade items together with new pieces of furniture is being used by clever 20 and 30 somethings to add an inviting warmth and personal feel to the decor of their homes and living spaces.

This hot new trend uses crocheted, knitted, quilted and other handmade items to add warmth and color to the overall look and feel of the room. It is easy to pull colors from these vintage and antique pieces to spruce up the walls and to find new accessories to mix with the old items that now have a new purpose and look.

The Floral Element Is Prevalent In Granny Chic

One very popular element of design to use in Granny Chic decor is floral patterns. You can add this element in fabrics for your furniture, throw pillows, bedspreads, drapes, or even wallpaper. It is up to you whether you want a bold statement or a subtle statement.

Creating a vintage chic decorating scheme in your bedroom can start with a comforter set in a floral pattern like the one below. You can choose a large overall floral, medium floral, or small floral. It is entirely up to your preferences and what you want your room to look like.

granny style bedding
Granny Style Bedding

Another great way to add some Granny Chic decor to a room is by having a floral armchair like the one showcased below. You can pick the style of furniture that will compliment your other furniture. Having one piece with a floral pattern will really add warmth and romantic charm to any room. Just don’t over do it with floral patterns. One for a focal point works well.

floral arm chair
Bold Floral Arm Chair

Handmade items add to the Granny Chic look

Add an afghan to the living room, family room or bedroom. Not only do handmade items add to the look for your Granny Chic decor but they can have function and purpose in a room, too. A crocheted or knitted afghan can add color and also be used to cuddle in when the days and nights are chilly.

You can make your own afghan or purchase one already done for you. The possibilities are endless as to pattern and colors. You might even find a handmade piece which becomes your color scheme for the entire room.

Using instructions from a book like the one below, you can create an afghan in the colors that fit your interior design scheme. You will have a retro feel from the old patterns with a modern touch using up to date colors. Now how much fun is that? Here is a neat book to use for a real retro look: Granny Chic : 6 Retro Afghan Designs.

Old becomes new again

Granny Chic decor is all about finding new ways to use older items. Remember those cake plates and tiered tidbit trays that you used to see in Grandma’s kitchen and dining area? Find a new purpose for them in your rooms.

Those old tidbit trays that have two and three layers can be used to display a variety of items.

  • decorative soaps in the bathroom
  • jewelry on your vanity
  • seashells in the bathroom, living room, or family room
  • colorful pebbles

Take an old or new Cake Stand with a rim around it and use it to display items in any room for a different look and a unique conversation piece.

Don’t you just love this new trend in Interior Design? Creating a Granny Chic Decor can not only be fun but economical too. Let’s face it, Grandma knew what she was doing to make her home look warm, inviting, and comfortable all at the same time. We can do it now by using old pieces with new pieces for a fresh, personal statement all our own. Have you used any older items to enhance your decorating? Which room did you use it in?

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