Choosing Faucets For The Home

Choosing Faucets For The Home

The dictionary defines a “faucet” as ‘A device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a reservoir such as a pipe or drum’. This is a bit older explanation which is not able to describe the utility of the modern faucets we use today. The modern day faucets are something more than a regulator of the flow of water.

They provide a variety of functions in the kitchen or in the bath. The kitchen faucets come with pullout and pull down spray facilities for water filtering all in a variety of makes and styles. Where as the faucets in the bath are available with fine matching accessories to suit the taste and likes of the consumer. However, it would be ideal to follow certain basic principles to make the best use of bath faucets.

Let us start with the bath. High spouts always facilitate easy washing of hands and filling water in cups or tumblers in the bath . The water purification system built in the faucets also makes available purified water for brushing of teeth and mouth washing protecting the teeth with the fluoride in tact. There are even faucets that provide cold drinking water without losing any of its natural minerals by passing the water softening system.

Leaky faucets are a perennial problem. The best way to prevent leaks is to provide a washer free or cartridge based faucet. The latter variety avoids the frequent need to change the misfit or worn out washers. These faucets provide a leak-less performance through out its life. This one-piece technology is conducive for a hassle free usage. The cartridge replacement is a one minute affair by taking out the old one and replacing it with the new one.

Like all plumbing products faucets also call for quality material for durability and better service. It is always better not to be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ when it comes to selecting a faucet to use in your home. Instead of going for a cheaper variety of brands, faucets made of good and durable metals like brass or copper makes your life easier in the long run. These faucets not only give you a superior performance but also present an elegant appearance in the bath. The faucet manufacturers offer a plethora of varieties for the modern bath or kitchen. It is your responsibility to choose the best suited for the kitchen or bath. Actually, I think shopping for them is so much fun and becomes less of a job than one might think. I have the most difficult time narrowing my choices down because there are so many wonderful styles and features available.

With the standardized properties this industry has created a situation where we need not get too confused with our choices in a faucet. However one needs to understand the basic details of your sink or bath. For example if one needs to select a faucet for the kitchen it would be appropriate to keep in mind the number of mounting holes under the sink. The exact number of the mounting holes may have to be found out if the same is concealed behind the existing faucets and deck. Selecting a faucet that will require 3 holes when you only have two, for instance, might cause a problem in the installation if it is not possible to create a third hole.

The faucets for bath are available in two configurations such as the center set and the widespread set. The former is a 4-width type while the latter is of 8-width variety. Though the styles can be changed the size cannot be changed unless of course you want to replace the sink itself in the bath.

Before going to the plumbing accessory shop it is wise to ascertain the size and the type of the water supply lines. That normally is either 3/8 inch or ½ inch. The supply hook-ups come in various materials like copper, braided copper and flexible plastic. Having confirmed the size of the supply line one has to shut off the water supply, remove the parts and take it into your favorite hardware or DIY store and select the faucets of your choice of the size and type best suited to your bath or kitchen.

The selection and fitting of a faucet may look simple however a wrong and thoughtless selection may prove futile and end up in a perennial problem and a sheer waste of your hard earned money.

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