The Christmas Tree Box And Me

The Christmas Tree Box And Me

A Taste Of Humble Pie

About this same time last year I had to eat a little bit of humble pie dished out by the box that holds my Christmas Tree. Have you ever had humble pie? Let me tell you, sometimes it has a bitter taste and can be quite hard to swallow! So, let me tell you what happened. First of all, I should explain that I am a tad particular about setting up the tree and decorating it. My daughters would argue that point and say that it is much worse than a tad picky and borders on obsessive but that is a different story altogether.

Being the selfish person that I am about getting the tree out, up and decorated I chose a day when I was home alone. I went up the stairs to where the Christmas tree is hidden during the other 11 months of the year and started the task of pulling, tugging, and shoving it out of its hiding place. It is a big box, heavy and about 5 feet long. I can’t pick it up and carry it so I have set up a system that works for me. Well, it worked until last year. My husband had cut some nice holes in the ends of the box for me so that I could pull and tug easier, you know get a better grip. The box apparently took some issue with being treated in this manner and decided to fight back. I can’t really blame the tree, it was just along for the ride. Although, in a court of law, it might be considered an accessory to the crime and face an aiding and abetting charge but that is beside the point. The box was the culprit in this incident. It is like it took on a mind of its own.

There is a point, early in the journey of getting the box down the stairs, where there is a rather precarious turn that needs to be made. My thought process last year was that it would go quicker if I pulled really hard while at the same time turned a few degrees. It seemed logical that the task would go a little faster with this method. That was my first mistake! Thinking that I could save a few seconds in this chore was not well thought out. With as much strength as a little old lady can muster I pulled hard on that box. The box had other plans and decided to lessen its pain by tearing at the gripping holes just when I was at my strongest pull. Suddenly, I’m flying backwards into a table and before I can say “Oooo that will leave a mark!” I’m seeing stars and the world goes black for a few seconds.

When I regained my senses (I know that is debatable!) every bone in my skinny old body was aching and I couldn’t tell at first if I was truly injured or not. I was afraid to move and just sat there and shook for a few seconds. I realized that if I was hurt that I could not call anyone for help because my phones were both downstairs. It would be hours before Terry got home so I might have to spend the day up in that room. That was the first taste of humble pie. It tasted like vulnerability, it tasted like fragility, it didn’t taste good at all.

torn box

The Perpetrator

I decided to try to stand up as slowly as I could to assess whether there was, in fact, any physical injury involved. I stood up and immediately felt a little woozy which made me sit down on the bed close by. Once that sort of floating feeling subsided, I knew I just needed to get down stairs and the danged box could sit there until eternity or at least until my husband got home; whichever came first. As I started the slow egress out of the room, I did take the opportunity to kick the danged box!


The Victim

Needless to say, I was sore for a couple of days and there was a mark on my back from being slammed into the table. I think it hurt me more to have to tell my husband when he got home that I had been involved in an altercation with the Christmas tree box and that the box had won. It wasn’t until I retold the story to him that I started to cry because verbalizing it just made me feel old. It just seemed like the box had made a point of telling me that I was no longer a spring chicken and I was choking on that humble pie it had forced Β me to swallow.

Fast Forward One Year

This year my plan was different. This year the box was not going to get the better of me. This year there would be no humble pie! I picked a day when my husband was home and asked him if he would assist me in the annual event of getting the Christmas tree down to the living room so that it could be decorated and bring us the joy that it always does with the pretty ornaments and twinkling lights. This year I accepted that there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help. So, the tree made its annual journey without incident and it is all put together just waiting for the decorations to be added.

bare Christmas tree

Message To The Box

Mr. Box, just as we humans age and are unable to perform our duties like we used to when we were young and spry; a cardboard box also reaches that age. We have found a sturdy plastic box with handles that will not betray me when I pull and tug on them. So, Mr. Box you will be relegated to the curb where you might be rained on, snowed on and probably peed on by the neighborhood dogs as you await the arrival of the trash truck. Mr. Box you should have never picked a fight with this old woman!

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Beverly Owens

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  1. You made me laugh and cry! Glad you asked for help this year.

  2. Oh Bev…..I loved the part about the box getting put to the curb, and of course that this year you asked for help πŸ™‚ I won’t be home for Christmas this year so my box and I won’t have to wrestle our way to the living room πŸ™‚

  3. We thought one of those pre-lit trees would make Christmas set up so much easier. Now the darn tree is so heavy that I really cannot drag it into the house on my own. Worse yet, some of the lights have failed and you can’t replace just a string of lights since they are wired into the tree.
    Yep, we’re getting older, but remember the wiser part comes into play now.

    • I’ve often wondered how those pre-lit trees would do. Now I know…heavy and a problem when the lights start to fail and we have been around the block enough times to know that they do eventually fail. Thanks for stopping by Virginia.

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