Calendars For The Kitchen 2016

Calendars For The Kitchen 2016

One way to add a little functional decor to the kitchen is to have a calendar displayed. If you pick the right one it may also give you tips for the kitchen, recipes and all sorts of fun stuff.

Take the new calendar for 2016 that I am featuring below. It is full of little surprises!

kitchen happiness calendar
Kitchen Happiness 2016 Wall Calendar

This standard sized calendar for the wall offers some wonderful mid-century modern artwork along with cooking and entertaining tips, useful conversions that you need in the kitchen plus some classic recipes for cocktails. I love it’s fun and funky retro look! Don’t you?

The illustrations are done by artist Jan Skacelik and it won’t take up anymore room than any calendar that you might have hanging on the wall with its measurements being 12 inches wide by 24 inches long.

If the retro feel isn’t what you like to have, another choice would be this Kitchen 2016 Wall Calendar that features culinary photography for each month of the year.

Another choice with a fun or whimsical theme for the kitchen is the calendar below:

fun kitchen calendar
Fun Kitchen 2016 Wall Calendar

Actually there is no short supply of great calendars to have in our kitchens. You can choose retro, whimsical or practical. I found calendars that feature organic foods for the kitchen, planners, organizers and an entire section that are the old school style of kitchen calendar made from fabric. The fabric ones can’t be written on for reminders but once you are finished with them on the wall, they make great linen towels to dry dishes with.

Honestly, your kitchen calendar does not have to have a kitchen or food theme at all. Naturally, you can choose whatever theme suits your tastes the best. I just think that it is fun to have the one in the kitchen to go along with the use of the room itself.

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