English Gardens Calendar 2017

English Gardens Calendar 2017

Lovely Calendar Showcases English Gardens

english gardens

Example of an English garden from pixabay.com

There is not anything more entrancing than the magic of English gardens, in my humble opinion. I would venture to say that just about any gardener envies the charm and tranquility that is provided in any well planned English garden. Speaking of planning, a calendar showcasing those types of gardens is a great way to plan the coming year and enjoy a love of gardening at the same time.

Just as in planning the every day events of our busy schedules takes a little time, so does the planning of the English gardens found around the globe. One does not just accomplish a garden that is truly English in style in one day. Perhaps during 2017 you can organize your busy days while admiring the lovely styles of gardens that the English have made so very popular.

English Gardens 2017 Wall Calendar

What defines the making of English Gardens?

Typically English gardens incorporate a path of some sort that leads one into an inviting world of topiary and vined trellises. We are greeted with vibrant colors of a variety of flowers as our senses also take in the fragrances of the plants. A garden in the English style invites the visitor to take in the peace and tranquility of nature as they walk the paths.

One might find a bench to rest on while enjoying the view around them. You will also almost always find a mixture of flowers, herbs and vegetables in a garden of English design. If the area is large enough there will also be a grassy area to enjoy.

There will be raised beds along the way with either perennials or annuals or a mixture of both. The path will wind lazily around the garden or perhaps in a more elegant setting there will be a maze to wonder through. Shaped hedges both short and tall will mingle withing the landscape creating a most peaceful visit with nature.

Whether you plan to have your own garden with an English design or you just admire the creativity of one, I think having a calendar for 2017 of English gardens will serve you well. As you plan your year, you can enjoy the beauty of the age old designs of gardening in the style of the British.

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  1. English gardens are magical and so romantic! What a beautiful calendar. It would certainly be a great way to bring the beauty of the gardens indoors without harming any blooms.

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