Golf Calendars Make Great Gifts

Golf Calendars Make Great Gifts

Men and women around the world love to play golf as a form of recreation. A perfect gift for the golfing enthusiast is a golf calendar that will let them enjoy the game even when they can not get out on the links to play. It will also help them keep their important dates, appointments and other dates of note organized in one place with a theme that they will enjoy.

Let’s look at the options we have for the coming year for golf calendars that we can give to someone on our gift list and perhaps keep one for ourselves.

golf courses calendar
Golf Courses 2017 Wall Calendar

Beautiful Courses Featured In Calendars

Twelve months of photographs of the most revered golf courses in North America. The calendar is printed with vegetable based inks on paper that is chlorine free. Calendar measures 12 inches wide by 23 inches long when hanging on a wall. Includes a bonus page of 2018 and an area to note phone numbers.

SI golf courses calendar
Sports Illustrated Golf Courses 2017 Wall Calendar

Sports Illustrated features beautiful golf courses to dream about playing on and perhaps plan to play on. Twelve months of photography that will make any golfer drool with envy at the beauty of the challenge of the hole. A 16 month calendar that measures 11 1/2 inches wide by 23 inches long.

toughest golf holes calendar
World’s Toughest Golf Holes 2017 Wall Calendar

Think there are tough holes to play on your local course? Think again! Twelve months of photographs showing some of the toughest holes in golf along with some hilarious comments with each photo of the month. Mini sized wall calendar with a bonus 2018 calendar and a section for phone numbers.

Golf Humor Calendars

Illustrated by artist Gary Patterson this calendar shows funny situations in the game of golf and the people who play the game. A standard 12 by 24 inch wall calendar features medium square grids for marking important notes each month.

gary patterson golf calendar
Golf Crazy by Gary Patterson 2017 Wall Calendar

A Golf Quote:
Golf appeals to theĀ idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become isĀ proven by their frequent inability to count past five.

~John Updike~

Classic Golf Posters

A gorgeous calendar featuring classic art posters from some of the most picturesque and famous golf courses in Europe. The art is incredible on each and every month of the year. A standard wall calendar measuring 12 by 24 inches when hanging on your office or home wall. Small grid for making notes for appointments and important events for each month.

golf poster calendar
Vintage Golf 2017 Wall Calendar

My backyard meets the 7th fairway

golf course
That is a picture from my own backyard showing part of the 7th fairway.

Living On The Course

One of the reasons that I purchased the house that I live in currently and call home is that is backs up to the golf course. It is kind of difficult to see where my yard ends and the 7th fairway begins. I love that most of the time. For one thing I do not have the back of someone’s house to stare at when I am in my backyard! There is also the advantage that if I want to I can just walk over to the tee and start my game there. Once I get to the club, I can take a minute and let the Pro know that I am playing and he can record it in the book. Pretty darned handy!

There are perils living on the course, though. Because I am just about smack dab in the middle of the fairway, I can not tell you how many people hit their ball badly and it ends up in my yard. It is not uncommon to find a couple of golfers walking around in my yard looking for their ball. I don’t mind that as much as the ones people just leave there. I would assume that they just give up looking but having those golf balls all over the yard makes mowing even more of a chore. I have learned that before I ever get the mower out, I have to take a walk around the back to pick up lost balls. I gather them up and when I get a bucket full, I take them to the pro for use on the driving range. He loves it! I did miss a ball once and let me tell you it was really something! The mower blade must have caught it just right and that ball went sailing! It ricocheted off of one tree into another tree and then
hit the house! Luckily it missed a window and more importantly my head!

Hey, thanks for stopping by here today instead of going off to hit a bucket of balls or to play a round of 9 holes! Did you find a calendar to give your golf buddies or one to keep for yourself?

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