Halloween Beer Glasses

Halloween Beer Glasses

If you are planning a Halloween party this year and there will be adults attending, then you should think about the beverages that you will serve to the over 21 crowd. We talked a couple of  weeks ago about some fun wine glasses for Halloween and today I want to show you some really fun ways to serve another adult beverage to add some additional decoration to your party. Depending on how many adults will be at the party, it just might be fun to have a few of these for them to use. Then again, they would be fun to just sit around as a part of the decorating for Halloween.

Pilsner Glasses For Halloween

For those at the party who will be enjoying a light beer or a pale lager, a pilsner glass would be the best way to serve them their beer. Although these hand painted ones might not show the color of the beer like an unadorned pilsner would, they are just so darn cute that who cares whether they see the beer or not. It is a party after all and these glasses got dressed up for the event just like the humans did.

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Beer Mugs For Halloween

Oddly, I did not find much in the way mugs or steins that are decorated for Halloween so that may not be an option for your party. My suggestion is that if you happen to see one, you might start a small collection to have on hand each year when you have people over for a party. If nothing else they can be a part of your overall Halloween decorations.

Easy No Mess Cups For Halloween

Of course the easiest thing to serve beer in on Halloween is those good old reliable plastic cups and you can get them in a Orange Party Pack. They are also available in black. It would be fun to have a mixture of both and just let the beer drinkers choose which color they want. The nice thing about this choice is that they get tossed away and there isn’t any having to wash them or store them. They are not as cute as the hand-painted pilsner glasses above but certainly easier for clean-up duty.

I love the hand painted pilsner glasses and want a few to add to my decorating. They are not ones that can be thrown in a dishwasher due to the painting on them so if you get them, you will want to wash them by hand so that the paint does not come off. Rather than actually use mine, I’ll have them sitting out where people can see them but I do not actually plan to serve any liquid in mine.