Halloween Wine Glasses

Halloween Wine Glasses

Whether you are planning an adult Halloween party or just want to have some special wine glasses for the month of October, have I got a surprise for you! There are some wonderful glasses to serve wine in that have been decorated for Halloween. These glasses are just too darn much fun and can be a part of your decorations every year. Just wash them up at then end of the holiday and pack them away with the rest of the decorations to be pulled out and used each year. Here are some of my most favorite ones.

Ripped In PeaceRipped In PeaceCheck Availability

Set Of Two GlassesSet Of Two GlassesCheck Availability

Witches BrewWitches BrewCheck Availability

Vampire HandVampire HandCheck Availability

Bite MeBite MeCheck Availability

Bottoms Up WitchBottoms Up WitchCheck Availability

The selection above is only just a small smattering of what is available to have as a part of your bar ware for Halloween.

Since wine was accidentally discovered in Mesopotamia around 6,000 years ago, we humans have enjoyed our vino more and more. It has become so popular in the United States that we Americans now buy more bottles of wine than even the French. So, I’m thinking that if we are going to enjoy a glass in the evening or maybe two, we might as well make it even more enjoyable with a decorative glass that celebrates whatever season of the year we are in. Halloween should be no exception, at least in my opinion.

These specialty glasses can be purchased one per year if you wanted to and then each year get another one. Shoot, it could be something to collect each year!