Owl Themed Baby Nursery

Owl Themed Baby Nursery

Have you considered using owl baby bedding as the theme for your nursery decor? There are so many cute ideas and products that can be put together to make a unique baby nursery for you little one.

When I see these owl themed items it makes me think of wonderful children’s stories that have owls in them. Winnie the Pooh often consults Owl in his stories. There is the Owl and the Pussycat and Good Night Owl. We grew up with stories that usually have a wise old owl in them.

So, wouldn’t it be fun to decorate the baby nursery with an owl theme? I have found some fun products that can get you started.

Remember the ad campaign from the 1970s with Woodsy Owl telling us to give a Hoot and Don’t Pollute? Maybe he was an inspiration for the owl bedding we have now for decorating a nursery. He is a cute little guy.

woodsy owl

As I mentioned above, there have been many owls in literature for children. I wonder if any of them inspired the designers to create owl baby bedding and decor items. Do you remember these owls?

  • Bess an owl from the Guardians of Ga’Hoole
  • Hedwig the snowy owl from Harry Potter books
  • Master Glimfeather from the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Owl from the Winnie The Pooh books

These are only a few of the owls that I can think of. I bet you have a favorite owl from your childhood.

Spotty Owls Crib Bedding Collection

What I love about the set above is that it will work for either gender child. The soft ivory color is a faux fur that will actually help when baby starts to develop some of those motor skills by feeling the difference in the fabric. The set includes 10 pieces so it is quite a bargain. Not only is there a comforter but a blanket, also . Wall art is included plus 2 crib sheets, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, and a window valance. That is really quite a lot for the money.

Turquoise and Lime Hooty Owl Unisex Baby Boy or Girl Bedding 9 pc Crib Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

This turquoise and lime green set is also great for either a boy or a girl. Sweet JoJo Designs has been coming up with creative and unique designs for baby nurseries for quite a while now. There are also pieces that you can add to enhance the theme of the crib bedding that are not included in the crib set.

Once you have chosen the owl baby bedding, you can begin to find accessories to complete baby nursery theme. Most of the crib sets have coordinating pieces that can be purchased separately from the bedding. You do not have to limit yourself to those, though. Look for other items that will work well with the color scheme and theme. Items to consider are:

  • owl rug
  • toy chest
  • stuffed animals
  • wall decor

If you are clever with a sewing machine or you know someone who is, consider getting some cute owl fabric and making your own bedding. You can find coordinating fabrics to make the curtains, valances, and even pillows to complete your decorating theme.

I’ve only shown just a couple of examples but with a little searching, I’m sure you will find other owl themed nursery bedding sets if the two that I’ve shown are not exactly what you were looking for.

Thanks for stopping by today to see my ideas for owl baby bedding to go in a fun nursery theme. Let me know you were here by leaving a comment or just say “Hoooot”.

Image Credit: The owl trio used as the featured image of this post is courtesy of: Pixabay

Use Farm Baby Bedding For Your Nursery

Use Farm Baby Bedding For Your Nursery

Nursery Decor With A Farm Theme

baby farm bedding Farm baby bedding is such an adorable idea for a nursery! Besides our new little bundle of joy, there isn’t anything much cuter than baby farm animals. To combine the two is a fun and unique way to decorate your baby’s room. I believe that most are perfect for a little boy but there are also some bedding sets that work for a little girl, too. There are others that will work for either gender. No matter which style you pick you are sure to have fun decorating this special room for your baby. When baby is small, you will be spending quite a deal of time in this room of the house so you might as well make it cute and fun to be in. Let me show you some of the cutest options for farm baby bedding.

Fisher Price Farm Friends

Another fun idea comes from the makers of toys so you know they know what appeals to kids. The Fisher Price Farm Friends set for crib includes comforter, sheet and bed skirt. Baby cow, piglets, lambs and chicks are the friends from the farm. A matching bumper pad and a mobile that will coordinate nicely are also available for this set. When using this adorable little set to decorate the bed, I would paint the walls of the nursery a pale green and the woodwork white. To make sure that you have a color of green that will blend well, take the comforter to the paint store with you. Hold the paint sample strips next to it to see how they look together. Many stores that sell paint will have the ability to match one of the colors in piece that you take with you with machines that they have in store. Personally, I would not go too dark with the wall color, keep it pale and soothing. And since this little baby bedding set is designed by Fisher-Price who we generally think of for toys, you can add some farm toys in the room too. The barn set comes to my mind immediately!

A Farm Lamp For The Baby Room

farm nursery lamp No matter which style of farm baby bedding you choose, this lamp would be so cute in a farm themed nursery. That cute little barn with the animals surrounding it will look pretty awesome no matter which set of bedding you are using. I would not worry too much about the shade on the lamp, it can be switched out easily. You can also cover the lamp shade with a different fabric if the brown plaid is not going to work with the rest of the colors and patterns. Although, I think it is really cute and gives a bit of a rustic look.

Baby Barnyard Bedding Set

Set includes a quilt, sheet, bed skirt and bumper pad and is called Baby Barnyard by Trend Lab. I absolutely adore the plaid fabric that borders this set! The colors of sage, blues, barn reds and yellows will be very easy to work with when it comes to choosing the paint color for the walls and woodwork in the room. The use of the different fabrics used behind each barnyard animal adds interest to the overall look, too.

A Western Baby Nursery

A Western Baby Nursery

wagon-wheel You can pick a unique baby room decor for your baby’s nursery. A Western nursery theme is fun, different, and easily achieved. There are several options for western baby bedding for any little cowboy or cowgirl.

There are different crib sets with western bedding choices along with decorative pieces to add to make your baby room decor fit your inner cowboy. Lamps, changing tables, and other western accessories are easily found to create a look that fits a home decorated in the Western theme or just for something different and a little out of the ordinary.

I have selected a few items to showcase to help you create your own western nursery.

Western Theme For Girls

A nice bargain with the set including thirteen pieces instead of the standard four. Nice little western and pink items for the baby girl’s nursery. Set includes a comforter, a fitted sheet, crib bumper, crib skirt, two valances, toy bag, diaper stacker, two pillows, and three wall art decor items.

western cowgirl bedding
Boutique Horse Western Cowgirl 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

A Versatile Way To Decorate

cowboy boots What I like about the western nursery choice is that you can choose items that fit both genders of baby.
Yes, there are pink accessories perfect for that future little cowgirl. And you will find a nice selection of items for that little guy to dream of roping and riding when he is all grown up. You do not have to restrict yourself to normal baby items as you plan for the future of the room.

Idea For A Boy

The version of the western theme shown above for little cowgirls only for the little cowboy. A fun nursery idea that can grow with it’s western theme as your little guy leaves the baby stage. Boutique Horse Western Cowboy 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

Accessories Make The Room

With any theme for a room, the accessories you choose will enhance the room. With a Western baby nursery as your guide you can pick items that are meant for a nursery or you can pick other items that go with the theme. You do not have to go with the baby lamp, but can choose a lamp like the one at right that will grow with baby.

Fabrics can be chosen from your local fabric shop to make curtains or you can choose a pair that matches your western nursery bedding.

There are really no wrong choices as you decorate your nursery to make it uniquely you for your baby.

cowboy boots lamp
Cowboy Boots Vanity Lamp w/Western Shade

A Few Options For Your Baby Room

There are more than a few ways to decorate a nursery in a western theme for your little buckaroo no matter the gender. Below you will see two more ideas for your nursery decorating needs.


Wild West Cowboy Nursery Bedding SetWild West Cowboy Nursery Bedding Set

Cowboy Crib BeddingCowboy Crib Bedding


This calendar for 2014 would be fun hanging on the nursery room wall. I would suggest near the crib or the changing table so that Mom, Dad, or Nanny can keep track of important appointments for baby. You know, doctor appointments, play dates, or any important date involving baby. Adorable little cowboys and cowgirls in training are sure to put a smile on your face!

lil buckaroos calendar
Lil’ Buckaroos 2014 Wall Calendar

So, have some fun decorating your nursery with a western baby theme! There are just all sorts of ways to go with it.

Paisley Nursery Bedding

Paisley Nursery Bedding

Paisley nursery bedding sets are very popular with young Mothers to decorate the special room where baby will grow. I don’t know if it is the kind of retro and vintage look to it or if it is because it is unique and different from the babyish designs that are available. Personally, I absolutely love all of the paisley crib sets that I have seen! They look so sweet and stylish and because of the design they are something that will grow with a little girl as her room changes to a toddler’s room and then a big girl’s room making it an economical choice, too. There are some color schemes that will work for a little boy, also.

My Baby Sam Paisley Splash 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Pink

Hoohobbers Paisley Crib Bedding

Pretty shades of pinks with a little bit of green make a lovely nursery bedding for girls. The set includes a crib blanket, a crib skirt that has an 18 inch drop, a sheet and bumper pads for the crib. There are also many coordinates that you can purchase separately. I just love the entire look of this cute set, don’t you? So sweet and perfect for a baby girl!

Hoohobbers-Paisley 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Another My Baby Sam Set In Paisley

We have more than one option for paisley bedding in a nursery from the My Baby Sam line of crib bedding. I like this little Pixie set it includes a crib blanket, crib sheet, crib skirt and bumper pads for the crib. Additional coordinating pieces are shown below. This set is shown in pink and also comes in aqua.

My Baby Sam Pixie SetMy Baby Sam Pixie Set

Paisley Is A Very Old Design

Paisley and the use of it in designs go back quite a few years. The design may come from old Persia or possibly India and uses the botah which is a droplet shaped vegetable motif. Sometimes it is described as a twisted teardrop while others might say that it looks to have an almost kidney shape. The actual name used in Western cultures is derived from a town in Scotland that was a major center for producing textiles.

During the 18th and 19th centuries this motif became quite popular in Europe from the imports that were beginning to arrive from British India. The shawls from the Kashmir district were very popular and began to be imitated in other types of textiles. Americans sometimes call it the Persian Pickle or the Welsh Pear.

The boteh jegheh, which is what this design was called in old Persia, can be traced back to being used during the Sassanid Dynasty which occurred around 224 to 651 AD. That is a long, long history I would say. I think it is kind of cool that it is making a come back in popularity.

Paisley Splash Design

Another selection from My Baby Sam that will work nicely for a girl or a boy baby room. I love the earthy browns and greens in the pattern. This cute set includes three pieces: blanket for the crib, fitted sheet and bumper pads. There are several cute accessories pieces that can be purchased separately, also. Things like lamps, hampers, diaper stackers and other items.

My Baby Sam-Paisley Splash In Lime 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

An Idea for the Wall

If you have chosen a fabric that has paisley designs, paint the walls in stripes of colors from the paisley print. You can put striped wallpaper if you want. The stripes look really cool if they are horizontal instead of vertical. Dots work well, too. Of course you can also just paint the walls a solid color choosing a shade from the print in the fabric of the bedding.

As I stated earlier the paisley pattern in textiles has been around for centuries and personally I think that it makes for a fun and unique style in any baby’s room.

Rock Star Nursery For Boys

Rock Star Nursery For Boys

If you know that your new baby will be a boy and you are wanting something different to decorate the nursery with, could I recommend this adorable set by Trend Labs? I just love this very boyish look with guitars, musical notes and splatter paint done in shades of blue, brown, tan and orange with the borders and some fabrics using a vintage looking plaid.

rock star crib set
Trend Lab-Rockstar 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

The four pieces included in the set of bedding are a crib sheet, pleated crib skirt, bumpers and an appliqued comforter bordered in the plaid design.

Accessory Pieces For Rock Star Bedding Set

Rock Star MobileRock Star MobileCheck Availability

Rockstar Picture FramesRockstar Picture FramesCheck Availability

Gift SetGift SetCheck Availability

Besides the pieces shown here there are also curtain valances, diaper bags and other items that fit this cute little theme for a baby boy nursery.

What I absolutely love about this guitar and rock star theme is that it can grow with your little guy. Nothing is so babyish that it can not be used when he becomes a toddler. It will be fun to find pieces to go with this theme, too. Maybe find a decal of a guitar to place on a wall.

If I were decorating the nursery and using this rock and roll theme, I would choose brown furniture. I would also take the fabric to the paint store and ask them to mix a paint that is one or two shades lighter than the blue and use that on the walls. I would paint the woodwork either brown, a darker blue or white.

To add a little more of the orange to the room I would purchase a wood lamp and paint it the shade of orange in the fabric. Again, the paint store can match it for you. Then I would get a simple tan lampshade to top it off. To dress the shade up a little bit I would take the guitars on the mobile and trace a pattern. Then take felt and cut the pattern out and glue them to the shade. Maybe add a few colored sequins to the guitars to dress them up a little.

Something fun for the walls would be some old 45 rpm records. Just hang some on the walls in a grouping of 3 or 5. Old vinyl record album covers would also be cute on the wall. Another idea would be to hang a poster of yours and dad’s favorite rock band on the wall or a vintage rock concert poster.

See what I mean? This could be a really fun way to use your imagination using a rock theme and getting creative with the rest of the decor. All the items that you add will make the baby room for your little boy unique and different from anyone else’s.

Purple Girl Nursery Options To Consider

Purple Girl Nursery Options To Consider

Purple has become a very popular color to use in a little girl’s nursery. Since we usually think of our precious little bundles of female joy as our own little princesses, a purple girl nursery does seem like an appropriate color to use because it is often thought of as the color of royalty. It is also believed to increase the nurturing tendencies and sensitivity which are qualities that we would like to see any our little girls. Shades of purple occur so rarely in nature that it is also thought to be connected with a sacred nature. Lilacs, orchids, lavender and violets in flowers are so often thought of as special and precious just as we think of our little girls. Shades of purple can give an uplifting  feeling to anyone in the room. So, let’s look at some options for purple in the baby room. Want to?

Fun Dots For A Purple Girl Nursery

purple girl nursery
Mod Dots Purple Collection 9pc Crib Bedding Set

This is such a fun little set that uses shades of purple and browns in an almost vintage kind of look for the baby room. It is cheerful, fun and a little funky but not too babyish. The set is economical to purchase and gives you quite a nice bang for your buck. You can also get additional items that coordinate nicely with the bedding set for the rest of the room.

Lavender Butterflies For Baby

lavendar crib bedding
Boutique Brand New GEENNY Lavender Butterfly 13PCS Baby Nursery CRIB BEDDING SET

This little set is just so cute! I love the butterfly theme and the use of lavender and other shades of purple. The other thing that attracts me to this set is that the patterns are not printed on the fabric but are sewn on with applique and embroidery giving it a nice almost homemade look.

purple butterfly bedding
Pink and Purple Butterfly Flower Collection Baby Girl Bedding 9pc Crib Set

Another version that has the added appeal of using pink and purple together. Each set offers coordinating pieces to add to your nursery creating a finished look to the room.

I just love the idea of decorating a little girl’s nursery in purple or shades of purple! It is sweet, it is feminine and it is slightly different than the traditional styles that are so often used in a nursery. I am only showing you just a few of the choices, too. To see more ideas, themes, and patterns take a look at these: Purple Girl Nursery Bedding Ideas

What do you do with the walls?

My suggestion is to keep walls light. Take one of the colors from the pattern that you chose for the bedding and have a pale shade of it mixed at the paint store. For a baby’s room, I also suggest that you choose a paint that is easily washable with a damp sponge. Your woodwork can be done in white or a complimentary color in a pale shade or maybe even a slightly darker shade than the walls.