Granny Chic Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Granny Chic Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Are you looking for some Granny Chic decorating ideas for your bedroom? One easy place to start is with the focal point of every bedroom, the bed. Dressing your bed with a quilt that has the look of a vintage quilt with the ease and care of a new one is an option you might consider.  The quilt can help you develop your color scheme for painting walls, accessories, and give you the overall look and feel that you want for a vintage chic look.

I suggest picking a floral quilt like the Laura Ashley Quilt featured in the picture. All by itself it creates the Granny Chic mood in your decor that you are looking for with the romantic and nostalgic flower theme in dark and pink roses. An old look with contemporary colors to work with.  Dress it up with a throw pillow or two.  A small square in an eyelet fabric paired with a pale pink pillow would finish this off nicely. It is economical, too. You can purchase a King Size quilt with two shams for less than $150.

For your nightstand, instead of purchasing a new piece of furniture take a trip to your local thrift store or antique shop. Find an old or vintage table that is priced low because it needs a little work. Perhaps the finish is marred from ring marks or minor problems like that. Take it home and paint it white or a pale color from your quilt color scheme. After the paint has dried, scuff up some areas on the edges to give it an old and used look.  It really doesn’t matter that it does not match or other bedroom furniture, it is not supposed to. You want that eclectic look of mismatched furniture.

Instead of having a boring ceiling fixture change it to a Veranda Three Light Chandelier or a similar style that adds to the charm and romance of the room. You can also create that Granny Chic feel with an old chandelier found in thrift shops and antique shops. The advantage to purchasing new is that you won’t have to worry about the wiring being safe.

To complete your your Granny Chic decor in the bedroom consider adding some of these elements:

  • tiered tidbit tray to display jewelry or other little trinkets on a dresser or nightstand
  • tall tumblers or goblets in clear or colored glass for flowers
  • an old side chair or armchair upholstered in a plain fabric that compliments your quilt
  • a vintage mirror painted white or a color that matches your color scheme
  • a crocheted or knitted afghan in a solid color that matches a color in your quilt (lay it at the end of your bed or draped on the chair.
  • a display of old plates hanging in a grouping on the wall
  • vintage frames for your photos

Once you have started with adding vintage and old pieces to your existing new pieces you will start to get the feel of your Granny Chic style that fits your personality. The wonderful thing about this decorating trend is the “greenness” of finding a new purpose for old items along with saving money by purchasing used items and updating them to fit our modern homes.

How To Refresh A Stale Bedroom

How To Refresh A Stale Bedroom

Easy Steps to Liven Up A Bedroom

how to refresh bedroom

A neighbor of mine stopped by the other day and somehow we got into a discussion about how to refresh a bedroom that she is pretty tired of. The bedroom was her daughter’s when she was growing up and now is used mostly for guests. My neighbor is expecting guests over the summer and she wants to liven it up a little. The colors and patterns are dated and stale looking.

There are so many ways to go about this. Some are more labor intensive than others, obviously. I told her that one of the easiest ways to accomplish a refreshed look is to change the bedding. It is simple and doesn’t require making a mess or moving heavy furniture.

After strolling over to her house, we decided that the first step should be to change the bedding in the room. It was sad and worn looking and so we started shopping online. After several possible choices, Mrs. H went with the quilt below.

Alena Quilt Collection

We both love the colors and they will work well in the room without doing much of anything else. I like the contemporary style of the fabric. It looks fresh and has a bit of a vintage touch with those paisley pieces. After she had made her choice on the bedding and ordered it, I found this fun little pillow to throw on the bed.

Shagadelic Chenille Twist Throw Pillow Color: Aqua

I think the pillow will add some interest and texture to the new look in the bedroom. We could have chosen all kinds of styles but the shaggy look enhances the feel of vintage from the comforter. Kind of ties it all together, if you will. I also suggested that she order the coordinating shams that are available where she purchased the quilt.

Once the quilt and pillows are delivered, we will see what other things might be able to done to liven up the room. It could be that this will make all the difference and Mrs. H won’t have to do anything else.

More Possibilities On How To Refresh That Room

Some other ideas that I can suggest to my neighbor, Mrs. H, is a different table lamp to sit on the nightstand next to the bed. We can take the shams with us and go to a local flea market to see if we can find something fun and funky in the right color. I’m thinking that will be less expensive than buying a new one.

Mrs. H could also look around and see if she can find 3 to 5 little bottles that coordinate with the new colors in the room. They can be placed on a shelf on the wall, on the nightstand or the little table near the existing chair. I recommend she get them in different sizes and shapes but I’ll leave that up to her.

Another fun and easy step would be to find a new piece of art for one of the walls. Mrs. H could go with a painting, a print or some kind of wall art that will blend with the new bedding.

A more labor intensive step would be to paint the walls in one of the colors from the quilt. I would volunteer to help with the painting but I’m not sure my neighbor wants to tackle that before her guests arrive this summer. It would be easy to take one of the shams to a paint store and have them match a color.

As a little gift to her for asking my advice and allowing me to tell the story of how to refresh a bedroom here at The House of Rumpley, I plan to crochet a little lapghan in the colors of the quilt for her to drape over the chair in the room.

Log Cabin Quilt Bedding

Log Cabin Quilt Bedding

I am a real sucker when it comes to quilts! Some might call me a quilt junkie and they would be pretty close to being correct in that moniker for me. I have six different quilts that I change on the bed depending on the season we are in and the weight that it needs to be. One that I do not have is a Log Cabin Quilt and I just love that pattern in a quilt. So, I have been shopping for one that I might get and thought I might as well share with all of you what I am looking at because you might decide you would like to have one, too. So, here we go on a little virtual shopping trip together.

First of all know the real pattern

The image below is really a nice quilt but it is not a Log Cabin Quilt like is labeled by the seller. Yes, it does have strips making up the blocks but that is where the similarity ends. I like the shades of green, rust and cream but a Log Cabin Quilt it really is not. The real pattern name is often called Rail Fence or Split Rail Fence.

Quilt In GreenQuilt In GreenCheck Availability

Example Of A Log Cabin Quilt Variation

The image below shows what one version of the Log Cabin Quilt could look like. The blocks that are done in this old style pattern are separated by border bands and accented with stars. It is really pretty but I am more partial to the quilts that have the blocks sewn together without dividing borders breaking up the interesting pattern they make on their own.

Log Cabin Variation QuiltLog Cabin Variation QuiltCheck Availability

Almost the Winner

I wish that I could say “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!” on this one. This is exactly what I am looking for…well almost. I love it! It is done the way I want a Log Cabin Quilt to be done except that it is most definitely in the wrong colors. I love the blacks, reds and creams together but they will not go in my bedroom at all. Well, they could be but they would look really wrong, I mean really wrong.

Martha Has A Log Cabin OneMartha Has A Log Cabin OneCheck Availability

No thank you I am just looking

I guess that is what I will have to say to that virtual sales clerk who is walking up to me down that pretend aisle. Do you see her? She looks kind of determined! In my search I did not find the perfect quilt to add to my growing collection of them for our bedroom. That is OK, though. It isn’t like I have to have one right away. So, I will continue to look until I find the right one for me and my husband to have on our bed. I do not have to be in any hurry and I am not one to just settle for something that might look just OK. Nope, at my age I do not do that anymore. I might take a stroll on over to eBay and see if anyone has one there. I would show you what I found but that would be against the rules, ya see. If I find one and buy it, I’ll take a picture and put it here on the page later. That would be the legal way to do it.

I also have the option of making one myself but to be honest that would take too darn long. I am in a bigger hurry than that!

Yellow And Gray Bedding

Yellow And Gray Bedding

yellow gray bedding

I’ll just bet you are looking at that intro picture and thinking what in the world is she showing me flowers for when what I want is to see some ideas for yellow and gray bedding! Well, I have not completely lost my mind (there are parts I haven’t had contact with in years but I digress). Before I get into discussing the decorating of a bedroom using these two colors, I wanted to make a point of how we can often be inspired by the colors of nature. Notice in that photo how striking those yellow blossoms look against the gray background and the grays and browns of the limbs? Nature can be one of our best inspirations when it comes to choosing colors for a rooms decor and that includes the bedroom.

One of the easiest ways to make a bedroom look fresh and new is to change the bedding. That can be the start of changing the overall look of the room, too. No matter whether you have a large room or a small one, the bed is generally the focal point. So, let’s look at ways that yellow and gray can start us on the road of making that room look totally different.

grey and yellow bedding
Madison Park Lola 6 pcs Set – Grey/Yellow

The image above is quite contemporary in design with just small amounts of yellow. With the walls painted in the gray it has a cool (as in temperature) feel to it. This look could be absolutely what you are hoping for. To brighten it up a little you can take the same bedding set and add yellow sheets instead of white or gray. You could also choose to have the walls in a soft yellow which suddenly transforms the entire room into a bright and cheerful space. You could keep the gray walls and add touches of yellow like lamps or picture frames bringing out more of the yellow in the bedding. It all started with the colors in the bedding, though.

yellow and white comforter set
Trina Turk residential Ikat 3 Piece Comforter Set

In the set above the bedding is actually yellow and white and quite bold. Toning it down with gray sheets and different shapes of pillows in patterns that incorporate gray and yellow give it a fun and modern look. If you choose a comforter set like this one, having yellow walls might just be too much. Choosing a soft gray wall or even a medium gray like the one in the picture makes for a more dramatic look. If you would rather the room has a more country look that can be easy to achieve. Choose patterns for the pillows that are more country in style. A fun gray checked pattern, gray pillow ticking or a subtle gray plaid will work. Put some lace edging around a few of them. Again, it starts with the bedding and you make it have the look you want by the accessories you choose to put in the room. The pictures on the wall can take on a more country look by being framed in an antique style frame instead of the modern plain frames. It is those little touches that transform one look into a totally different look.

When the budget is tight or even if it isn’t some great places to visit for accessories or even furniture are flea markets, garage sales and antique shops. You can find pieces of furniture to add to the room that could be painted to fit your yellow and gray color scheme. Lamps, pictures, vases and all sorts of items that might have been used for one purpose in the past can be brought home to become  a part of your new looking bedroom. Think outside of the box and find some creative and unique things to dress up the room and make it have your personality.