Slipcovers For Your Furniture

Slipcovers For Your Furniture

When it comes to decorating our family rooms, we can not always afford to buy new furniture. Using slipcovers is a wonderful alternative that can change the entire tone of the room and they are much nicer to our budgets. You might not realize that these covers for the furniture have come a long way since the days that they were hardly more than a fringed blanket style that you placed over a sofa. Remember those? They were such a pain in the hind end! Always slipping and falling down whenever someone actually sat down on them.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s women tried to solve the problem of wear and tear on their furniture by using those awful clear plastic slipcovers. Those things were just horrible! The were hot in the summer, cold in the winter and they made obnoxious noises when you moved on them! Kind of tacky, if we are honest about it. But we do not have to use them on our family room furniture today, no sir – no way.

stretch leather slipcover
Stretch Leather Two Piece Sofa Slipcover

from: Wayfair

Like I said earlier, buying new furniture is expensive so it is usually not an option when we want to change the look in our family room. We could consider having the furniture reupholstered but sometimes that is almost as expensive as buying new pieces. As you look at your room, you might decide that you are just tired of that fabric on the sofa and chairs. Maybe it is the wrong colors for what you want to create now or the pattern is limiting in what you can do. Choosing a set of slipcovers will solve your problem for much less money. You can find them to fit just about any style of sofa or chair even recliners. I had no idea they had ones in a stretchy leather look! We both know how expensive new leather furniture can get!

We want our family rooms to be comfortable and inviting. After all, it is the room where we gather to watch television, play games and well just be a family together. Besides the kitchen, the family room is the one place in the house where we all meet to spend time together and probably spend more hours there than any other room in the house.

Slipcovers are not just a single color either. You can mix and match to create just the look you want. Maybe you want the sofa or love seat to be a solid color and then the chairs to have a print fabric. Any combination you like. A cheerful pattern like this might work…

chair slipcover
Stretch Olivia Club Chair Slipcover

Once you have decided on how to treat the furniture in the room, whether using new slipcovers or buying new furniture the rest of the decorating will just fall into place. The color of the walls, the carpet or area rugs and the accessories for the room can be changed to fit the new look that you created with your the choice of the fabrics you decided on for the furniture.

Featured Image Credit: Family Room from Pixabay