Couples Mugs For Valentines Day

Couples Mugs For Valentines Day

This may seem a little outside the box for decorating for Valentine’s Day but then isn’t that a little more fun anyway? Using Couples mugs around the house can add to your special little touches for the day of love. They can also be a great gift idea for that special person in your life, not just for Valentines Day but also for an anniversary or even a wedding gift. But, that isn’t my purpose with this post instead we are going to talk about what you can do for decorating purposes.

I think a set of personalized mugs with a heart theme is a cute idea to have sitting on the kitchen counter. Something like the ones shown here looks cute just sitting there waiting to serve a cup of coffee, tea or any hot beverage. I love how the shapes of these two mugs fit together! A romantic idea for serving a hot beverage would be to fix two cups of hot chocolate, add a little coconut rum, and then top with some whipped cream and a cherry.

couples mug
Personalized Couple Mugs

Another idea for using couples mugs in your decorating theme is to place the matching mugs in the center of your kitchen or dining room table and add a sweet little flower arrangement in them. It wouldn’t take many flowers to fill each of them or to keep them fresh. It really wouldn’t matter what image is printed on the mugs as long as it gave the feeling of being a couple. You can choose flowers that go along with the colors in the mugs or you can go easy and find white and red flowers to arrange in the mugs. Something like this would be cute no matter what flowers you use.

boldloft mugs
BoldLoft “From My Heart to Yours” Couple Coffee Mugs

In the living room or a den you can place a mug with a couples theme on a table or desk and fill it with red and white candies, chocolates or a mixture of both. Whatever little sweets you like to have available is perfectly OK. In the bathroom you can use one to hold your toothbrushes and toothpaste during the time you are decorating for Valentines Day.

Use your imagination in how to incorporate them into different rooms and have fun with them. Using couples mugs can be relatively inexpensive and will just be a subtle little way to start to decorate or to enhance the other items you are using. The best part is that after you are finished using them as a part of the decor…they can actually be used to drink your favorite warm beverage from.