clock Clocks are an integral and essential tool in our homes and often we will have at least one in each room or several rooms so that we know what time it is. They not only perform the function of telling us the time but they are usually a part of our decorating scheme, too. At least we try to find one that will be in the colors we are using or even have a look that fits into the style we are conveying in our room. Did you know that the clock is one of the oldest inventions by humans? Evidence of sundial type devices that helped man know with quite a lot of accuracy can be traced back to ancient times. Since those only worked during the day when the sun could shine on them and didn’t help a lot on a cloudy day, industrious humans came up with other ways to track time beyond the obvious one day at a time. There were candle type clocks that burned at a certain rate to indicate how much time had passed from the time it was lit. Hourglasses had tiny grains of sand that would track the time but one would have to remember to turn them. Aren’t we lucky that we do not have to worry about such things today?

Clocks can be hung on a wall and might even serve as a focal point. They can sit on a mantle, shelf, table or desk. There are so many wonderful options when picking a clock. So, I created this page to act as the gateway to several styles of clocks. Just look at the pull down menu to find the type of clock you are looking for.

As an example of clocks you might find here is a fun one that fits into the steampunk or industrial style of decorating.

rusty gears clock
Rusty Gears Clock

from: Wayfair

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Beverly Owens

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