American Girl Doll Spring Clothing Gift Ideas

American Girl Doll Spring Clothing Gift Ideas

Spring Clothes For 18 Inch Dolls

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Are you looking for American Girl Doll clothes that are great for Spring? You have landed in a good spot, if you are. With three Granddaughters to buy for, I went in search of some nice doll clothing that fit the 18 inch dolls like the American Girl dolls. There are some really cute outfits for these wonderful dolls, so let’s see what the fashions are for this Spring…shall we?

kaya american girl doll Every little girl has her favorite character doll from American Girl and some of us “big” little girls do too. The image to the left is a photo of my very own American Girl Doll. Her name is Kaya and she represents the Native American culture. I don’t know if I will find a Spring outfit for her that stays with her culture, but you can be sure that I will be looking.

Jeans: American Girl Doll Clothes

I think this little set is perfect for us and our American Girl Doll clothing this spring. A sweet little white top decorated with pink and blue butterflies tops a pair of jeans with the same butterfly motif. There is even lace on the hem of the pants. This set only has the two pieces included. You could also get a pair of Pale Pink Doll Sneakers to go with them if you like. The sneakers are sold on Amazon, too.

jeans american girl doll clothes
Jeans Set For American Girl Doll Clothes

About American Girl Dolls

The clothing that I am always on the look out for are for the 18 inch American Girl dolls. The company makes a few different lines in the 18 inch dolls. Of course little girls like to dress up their dolls no matter which line they belong to. The different 18 inch dolls lines are:

Historical Character:
Addy (a black girl from the Civil War Era)
Josefina (a girl from New Mexico in 1824)
Julie & Ivy (best friends in 1974)
Kaya (A Native American Girl from the Nez Perce in 1764)
Kit & Ruthie (best friends in 1934)
Marie-Grace & Cecile (best friends in New Orleans in 1853)
Molly & Emily (best friends in 1944)
Rebecca (a Russian-Jewish girl from 1914)

My American Girl
This line allows a little girl to have the doll made to her specifications. She can choose the skin tone, color of hair, and color of eyes.

Girl Of The Year
2011 brought us Kanani a little Hawaiian Girl and in 2012 the doll of the year was McKenna. Saige was selected as the 2013 doll. For 2014 we are introduced to Isabelle who loves to dance and design her own clothing.

Spring Doll Dress

Made by Carpatina LLC for the 18 inch dolls including American Girl, this little dress was inspired from clothing worn by little girls in the 1950s. The short sleeve dress is adorned with peach and black polka dots and a sweet peach ribbon. Satin lined with a double layer tulle underskirt. The dress is offered below. No shoes are included, however Amazon does offer a pair of White Patent Leather shoes that would look so cute with this little dress.

polka dot dress American girl doll
Vintage Polka Dot Dress – Fits American Girl Dolls

Sweater Set Is Nice For Spring

There are several cute little sweaters and sweater sets to be found. The great thing about them is that usually they come with two or three pieces which adds to the wardrobe with pieces that can be worn with other things. Of course the doll can always slip on a sweater with just about any outfit she has on when the days are cool and she needs something to keep her little arms warm. I think it is a great thing to have for any collection of American Girl Doll clothes.

When looking for clothing for your American Girl Doll, look for ones that fit the 18 inch dolls. Madame Alexander clothing fits the AG dolls and vice versa.

Doll Pajamas

Dress your doll for bed in the Spring or any season from a wonderful selection of Doll Pajamas! There are so many really cute ideas for bedtime no matter which season of the year we are in.

Raincoat For Dolls

A cute little red raincoat with matching umbrella and boots is a must have for doll clothing for Spring. What a fun wardrobe accessory on a rainy day! If red is not your choice of color, you can find other colors, too.

raincoat for American Girl Dolls
Red Raincoat with Belt and Hat

As you can see there are some really fun selections to be found when it comes to American Girl Doll clothes for Spring. I only just gave a you few samples of what can be found. What I have found with my granddaughters is that they really like to be able to dress their dolls in the same type of clothing that they will be wearing for the day or evening. Having at least one outfit that goes with the season of the year just enhances their playtime. I think it is really fun to see how my oldest granddaughter mixes and matches the pieces of clothing to come up with some really spectacular looks. So, in my opinion, by providing her with different types of doll clothing I am encouraging her to use her imagination and helping her develop her creative skills while she plays with her doll.

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  1. Oh, to be a child again! I always enjoyed dressing my baby dolls. I love all of the spring clothes selections you have found for the American Girl dolls. I especially like that raincoat!

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