American Girl Doll Winter Clothes

American Girl Doll Winter Clothes

American Girl Doll Clothing For The Winter Months

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american girl fleece jacket Have you been searching for winter clothes for American Girl dolls? Well, you have landed in a good place to find some delightful selections! Because our little girls love their American Girl Dolls and they want them to be dressed in more than one outfit, we are always on the look out for clothing that will fit our 18 inch dolls.

I think it is fun to have at least one outfit for each season of the year; so, that is why I am addressing the winter clothing available for the American Girl dolls in this article. They make wonderful holiday gifts and birthday gifts for the little girls in our lives.

Image Credit: Hot Pink Fleece Jacket For American Girl Doll product page.

Winter calls for a coat doesn’t every doll need one?

Most little girls want to take their American Girl Doll with them when they are out and about. Having a winter coat as a choice in her American Girl doll clothing makes some sense. I remember when one of my daughters was small, I had to have an argument with her each time we started to leave the house in the winter. She did not want to put on a coat. If I had only had a winter coat for her doll, she might have been easier to convince. I have selected two coats for you to look at, but there are many others available.

winter clothes coat
Winter Doll Clothes 4 Pc set

winter doll coat
Doll Dress Coat fits American Girls Dolls, 4 Pc set

Winter Boots

You might know that if you can find a winter coat for your American Girl doll, then winter boots are available too! There are so many cute styles and colors to choose from. I’m sure you can find a pair that matches or at least coordinates with her coat if the coat did not come with a pair. Besides, a girl (er doll) can never have too many pairs of boots and shoes!

doll winter boots
Black Fur Button Boots for American Girl Dolls and Most 18 Inch Dolls

A Wardrobe For Your Doll Clothing

Teaching our little girls to take care of their own clothing can be assisted by making sure that they always properly hang up the clothes that their doll isn’t wearing at the moment. This little wardrobe is perfect to store 18 inch doll clothing in.

doll wardrobe
KidKraft Littile Doll Armoire

Be Sure The Size Fits: When shopping for winter clothes for an American Girl Doll, make sure it will fit an 18 inch doll.

Winter Pajamas

A nice thought would be to have a set of winter pajamas as a part of the clothing for your American Girl doll, or should I say your little doll? Sometimes I think us Grandmas and Moms have just as much fun with these doll clothes as our little ones do. There are several options for winter style PJs for your 18 inch doll clothing. I have selected one for you to consider.

doll pajamas
18 Inch Doll Clothes Pajama Set & Doll Slippers

Doll Sweaters For Winter

Oh my goodness aren’t these little winter sweaters just adorable? Perfect to wear with a skirt or pants! I can not imagine knitting these small little doll sweaters! You can find other options for your American Girl doll. I just wanted to showcase one that I thought was cute. Some will come with other clothing as a set which makes it fun to mix and match with other clothes already in the wardrobe.

doll sweater
Irish Cable Knit Doll Sweater

A Company That Continues To Grow

Back in 1986 when the company first began about the only way you could get one of the dolls was through their catalog sales department and the line was limited to Historical dolls which happen to represent 9 year old girls from different eras of history.

Eventually a magazine dedicated to the dolls and their stories was published and then the website was developed so that customers could order the dolls online.

In 2010 the first retail stores began to open around the country. My grand-daughter just visited the Chicago store and she thought it was pretty awesome. I wish you could have heard her bubbling with excitement as she told me all that she saw. The stores have a hospital for any dolls that may have sustained an injury during playtime. There is a beauty salon for girls to take their doll in for fixing up their hair (especially nice if the hair has been mussed from little hands). Of course there are dolls, clothing and accessories to be found, too. Oh, there is also a restaurant for a girl and her doll to dine in, too.

Mattel (who owns the company) has been progressive in growing the company, I think.

Doll Clothing For Winter

fits your American Girl Doll

Oh there are so many cute little winter outfits being made to fit the American Girl doll. Our little girls will have some treasured fun dressing their doll in an outfit to keep them warm. Here is one of my favorites.

winter doll clothes
Wild Cat – Faux fur vest and boots matched with a chocolate pants and ivory blouse

Clothes For American Girl Dolls: Winter Choices

After having invested more than just a few dollars in the American Girl Dolls themselves, it is nice to know that there are such varieties available to dress them in. I am really glad that we do have options to purchase cute American Girl doll clothes made by seamstresses who sell them individually. You do not have to only purchase from the Doll company. I think that if you shop around a little you will find that these handmade doll clothes are less expensive which means you can have more than one outfit for your little girl’s doll.

Thank you so much for stopping by today to view the winter clothes for American Girl dolls that I have found. I hope you enjoyed your visit! Please do feel free to leave a comment. Do you plan to shop for doll clothing for a gift? Let me know which outfit you liked the best.

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  1. When I was a little girl, I loved having lots of clothes for my dolls. My daughter also spent hours changing her dolls clothes and always wanted more. Having American Girl doll clothes available to purchase ready made is fabulous, but it is even more wonderful that parents can branch out to other 18″ doll clothes too in order to give their daughter’s American Girl doll a very unique look and wardrobe.

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