Competitive Swimmer Gift Ideas

Competitive Swimmer Gift Ideas

Best Ideas For Girls Who Swim For Sport

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Our oldest little grand-daughter has started swimming competitively so I have been looking at gift ideas that will help her in her new sport and take a little stress off of Mom when it comes to buying the swimwear that our little swimmer needs. It can get a little expensive but it is such a wonderful sport for her to be involved in. Whether she continues with swimming in competitions or not, the activity is a very healthy one and she can do it for the rest of her life. I guess you could say, “Grandma approves of her choice” and I am so very proud of her! Anyway, back to the suggestion at hand. Swimsuits that are best for wearing for competition or even practice are different than just a plain old swimsuit.

Materials or Fabrics to look for in a competition style swimsuit

The materials or fabrics that are used for competitive swimming are ones that are made to reduce drag in the water. They hug the skin tightly making them feel almost like a second skin. Normal swimsuits start to sag away from the body after they absorb the water and this causes a slowness in the swimming. They cause a resistance or drag that isn’t so great if speed is what you are looking for. Normal suits could be worn over the top of a competition suit if you wanted to work on endurance in the water over speed. So, what are the fabrics you should look for?


Lycra is the industry standard providing excellent stretch and a comfortable fit. Suits made with lycra which is also sometimes referred to as spandex are good for the swim meet competition. They do not last as long as suits made with other materials, however. The lycra suits are best purchased with the thought that it will be the suit that she swims in at the swim meets and she will have a different suit to practice and train in. An example of a lycra suit is:

Speedo Big Girls’ Youth Superpro


An alternative to an expensive lycra suit is one that is made from polyester fibers. These suits last longer and are good for practice and training sessions. They are typically not as soft as a lycra suit and are not as stretchy. They can be used in competition if you want to; there is nothing wrong with making that choice. If you have the option of buying an expensive one for the meets and a lesser costing one for practice, the polyester is the best choice for practice and a suit that will be used often. An example of a polyester suit is:

competitive swimsuit girls
Tyr Sport Girl’s Suit


Personally, I wouldn’t get a nylon suit for competitive swimming. Sure, they are lightweight and they do not absorb the water as quickly as other materials. The thing is that they do not have the elasticity of the other types of suits which could begin to cause a bit of a drag when swimming because they are looser. The colors do not hold well with the nylon suits, either. Swimming very much with a nylon suit and the colors will fade quickly. These types of suits are great for recreational swimming but not, in my humble opinion, of the quality that a competitive swimmer will need.

So, now you know what to look for when your little girl decides that she wants to join the swim team. My suggestion is to start with a polyester blend suit because they are the least expensive when it comes to athletic swimsuits. If she sticks with it and shows promise, then consider splurging for a lycra swimsuit for her to wear during the competitions.

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  1. What a very informative article! I honestly had no idea the material used in a swimsuit could make such a difference, but it does make sense. I simply have had no reason to consider it before. I love the colors in the swimsuits you selected. Very pretty as well as practical equals perfect!

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