Magnetic Paper Dolls

Starting our toddlers out with playing with the magnetic paper dolls just might start a life long appreciation of paper dolls in general or even fashion. I have found several manufacturers of the magnetic paper dolls and they all have an appeal. For the young girl, as a gift from Grandma, I particularly like the ones made by Melissa and Doug. The magnetic dolls are geared for the 3 year old and older. The pieces are larger and help develop dexterity in their little hands along with providing hours of pretend play.

My three granddaughters have reached the age where they can play with the more detailed paper dolls, but at age 3 they would have really done well with these wooden magnetic dolls. Little Isabel has a real love for ballerinas so if I were to pick one for her it would be the Nina Ballerina as shown below.

nina ballerina
Melissa & Doug Deluxe 27-Piece Nina Ballerina Magnetic Dress-Up
(paid link)

Little Samantha would be more apt to like Maggie Leigh for her magnetic paper doll. At least when she was 3. Actually even at 10, I think she would prefer a doll that looked more like her and was just a regular type of girl.

maggie leigh doll
Melissa And Doug Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up
(paid link)

Little McKenna is really into the Disney Princesses so I think the one dressed like a princess is perfect for her. She will be 5 soon and even though her dexterity is better than when she was three, the magnetic dolls are still the best choice for her.

olivia magnetic doll
Princess Olivia Magnetic Doll
(paid link)

What I love about starting at a young age with the magnetic paper dolls is that when the girls get a little older they will be better prepared to play with the more delicate and detailed real paper dolls. I don’t think we can start too early in encouraging dexterity and eye hand coordination in our little girls and boys. Using a toy like a paper doll that has larger pieces is a good place to promote developmental playtime and it also inspires pretending and develops a good imagination.  Grandma, do you remember the hours of fun playing with paper dolls? I’m sure you do and that is why I think these magnetic dolls are perfect gifts from Grandma, Mom, or Auntie for birthdays, holidays, or a just because day.

~In the toy box of life…Grandma has the best toys~

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  1. Oh, I love these magnetic paper dolls! I had something like that when I was a little girl, but don’t remember exactly how they were made. Mom may have done something to my regular paper dolls to make they have the magnetic ability. You sparked a deeply hidden memory by featuring these dolls. These would truly be perfect for my nieces for birthdays or Christmas! I do love finding cute little gifts to give them.

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