Toy Wooden Castle Gift For Boys

Toy Wooden Castle Gift For Boys

Durable Toy Castle For Imaginative Playtime

I think that a toy wooden castle is a great gift from Grandma for the little boys in her life.  Little boys need to be encouraged to use their imaginations and to embrace pretend play at every opportunity we can give them. Why not encourage that type of educational play with a medieval castle?

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Melissa and Doug offers a Wooden Medieval Castle (paid link) that folds up for easy storage and will provide hours of educational and entertaining playtime for a boy.

Hinges allow this toy wooden castle to be completely open to reveal a working drawbridge and a dungeon. Our little boys will have towers to place lookout guards in and balconies for a King, Queen, or Prince to address the pretend crowds from.  There is even a trap door for pretend hiding or surprising a pretend enemy invader. No matter how a little boy decides to use his toy castle, he will most likely enjoy hours of imaginative playtime.

One of the features that caught my eye was that this medieval castle comes already assembled. That is a huge plus for me when I’m giving a gift to a child! Who wants to spend hours putting a toy together?

I also like that this toy castle can be folded up compactly for when it is not being played with. It does not have to be out and in the way all of the time which is another big plus in the features column for this Grandma. I’m sure Mom and Dad will like it too.

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You can purchase a set of figures for an additional gift from Grandma but you do not have to. A little boy can use Lego figures or any figures that he already has to play with his toy wooden castle. Then again, he can just use his superb imagination to create all sorts of people that live in and protect the castle.

In a time where too many little boys spend too many hours in front of a game module or the television, a toy castle encourages movement and time away from less stimulating types of play. This particular toy castle is recommended for boys ages three years and up. Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present, I don’t think you would ever regret choosing a toy wooden castle as a gift for your little boy grandchild to spend time playing with. He can be the King of his Castle, a brave Knight, or whatever he chooses to be.

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  1. What a fantastic gift! I sure wish this awesome wooden castle had been available when my son was a little fellow. He would have loved it. The fact that it folds together for easily storage makes it a major hit too! Any child (and parent) would love this toy.

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